Millenial Start-up Impacts Social Media with a Snapchat Movie!? #GlobalSnapSwap


I started this initiative only a few days ago!! The support and interest has blown up with positive input and offers to help so now I reach out here as well…. Stay tuned for Updates!!
Here’s a short list of the countries we’ve gathered up already for #globalsnapswap
Event Page
Going down on Sunday, May 1 where I will be having reps from hopefully 50 countries taking over my snap story to give us a firsthand look in view of what’s going on from their perspective. In real time this essentially will be a trip around the world from the palm of your hand and I’m really excited to share it with everybody and demonstrate the power of Snapchat when you focus on actually utilizing it!
At Social Impact Branding – #SiB we focus on creating engaged relationships through a little something that Jack Bechaud &  Ask AshleyK like to call:
A.R.T. : Being authentic, relevant, & transparent!!
And this is done through
& Most importantly…

So when I got the idea for #GlobalSnapSwap I was able to get about 30 Countries to participate! Which is absolutely amazing! The Featured Countries are as Follows:
– New Zealand –
– Copenhagen – Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus
-Brussels – Elias Schroons
– Korea – Chelsea Votel
– Italy-
– Ireland –
– Scotland –
– U.K. – Abdul Shakur
– Australia – John Hungerford
– Bulgaria- ‘Katya Varbanova
– Chile- James McDonald
– Costa Rica – Maria Fernanda Castro and Elyse Rich
-El Salvador – Anna Andrea
– Thailand
– Laos –
– Israel – Avery Ratz
– Puerto Rico – Erick Rivera
–  Vietnam – Elizabeth Viatkin
– Colombia – Michael franz
– Pakistan – Irfan Umrani
– Ukraine –
– Poland –
To those who participated –> If I am missing some places let me know so I can add them!
So to check out the Trailer for the #GlobalSnapSwap First Movie Ever!

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