Mastermind with Us!

If you’re interested in building your brand to grow your business, part of the SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING Mastermind, you’ll definitely want to become a member of the NEW EXCLUSIVE MASTERMIND! 

Now please join us in collaboration with several other leading professionals from around the world coming together in a digital MeetUp group for bi-weekly live presentation about social media marketing, advertising, but more specifically on how to utilize your existing network for B2B, B2C, or C2C for business!! 

We’re going beyond your average coaching or public relations specialist to show you step-by-step how you engage, communicate, and relate to your consumers on a personal level that builds a community culture around your company brand. 

Produced by: SoPac, Inc. – Social Impact Branding is a full service strategic digital media agency moving personal and professional brands forward with technology solutions leveraged thru the digital landscape to jumpstart the word-of-mouth train through growth hacking and organic storytelling.

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